Lou's Fezzi

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

This once upon a time was a bog standard black ST, But our very own Lou Bowden decided to swerve out of the way of the norm and produced her very distinctive version of Ford's ST180.

Lou's owned this car for a few years now and must admit it is hard to keep up with the changes. Even since we had this shoot with the Fezzi she has added a RS Rear Spoiler and changed the wheels, so as you can tell there is always a change or a plan in motion.

The Fiesta really catches the eye, so much so when she is driving around its hard not to notice the amount of headlights flashing, hands waving & horns tooting away. .

Lou is very active at car meets all around the country and is also a admin for Dirtee South. With that in mind the amount of photographers crowding round this car and also people with the mobile phones this car will be seen all over Facebook. Expect to see it in a show near you on on any content you see of shows or meets on social media.

If you do see the Fezzi about, pop over and say hello, Lou dont bite lol. She will probably have some flyers or how to follow us and about deals we have with sponsors that may really interest you, also have a general chat about what we are up to and doing next.

We love the Fezzi even though she is contemplating a New Mercedes A-class AMG. If she does i am sure it will be awesome as well.

Lou Bowden

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