Thanet Classics @Margate Harbour Arm

We always love coming to this show, the turn out is always amazing. And this one, the first of the season for Thanet Classics did not disappoint. This show is always very close to our hearts as this has got to be the best meets closest to the team.

The Thanet Classics meet is set in the traditional seaside town of Margate, made famous by Dreamland and was featured in the Only Fools and Horses special – Jolly Boys Outing. The vehicles that turn up on the Margate Harbour Arm come from all ages, ranging from the 1960's to the 1990's, with the quality of the cars and bikes always of a high standard.

Everyone is always extremely friendly, and they love discussing either what they’ve done, or what they’re planning on doing to their pride and joys. If you ever get the opportunity to come along, you must!

Follow them here: Thanet Classic Car Club

Photography By:


Motor Addicts


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