Bagged C30

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Walking around the several car meets we have attended throughout the South East of England, and Adam’s Volvo C30 is always a car we stumble across. We’re surprised we don’t trip over the Volvo due to it being so low! We and many of the people attending the meets surprised it can even move due to it basically sitting on the floor.

We got to talking with Adam, asking a few questions about the car, we finally got around to asking Adam if we can shoot the Volvo. “Of course... just let me know when you can” replied Adam.

Yes, we were on!

Fast forward several weeks, and lots of message flowing to and fro, and the shoot is arranged. We’re going to meet in Deal, Kent and take some shots around this lovely Seaside town.

Adam arrives, not so quietly I may say, at our first location in Deal.

Before I start with the photographs, I get to chatting with him about himself and the Volvo.

“Why the C30?” I ask. Adam, with no hesitation, “Because they’re different, plus you never see any C30’s roaming the streets bagged... I want to be different”. Adam continues, “I want to standout at the shows I attend and want to make a big point that not all modified car drivers are NOT all driven by boy racers”. Here. Here.

Walking around the car, eyeing up the angles, working out the shots I want to take, again, I amazed at how low this car is, it’s crazy.

I notice the wheels. The bola 18” Wheels all wrapped in Goodyear f1’s look stunning. They look like they were designed to go on the Volvo. I say to Adam that he most definitely made the right choice when picking the wheels. And these wheels with the camber due to the air bags... Magnifico!

The Volvo’s Black Sapphire paint gleams in the daylight, I mean, there are no flaws at all. It probably looks better than when it came out of the factory. I mention how great the paint work is. Adam nods in approval, he says that the final plan for the Volvo’s exterior is to either have a full body wrap or a total re-spray for a complete colour change. Either way, if he looks after that change as well as the factory colour, it’ll be awesome.

We get the car into position for the first round of photos.

I have my first look inside the car. Hanging from the rear-view mirror is the ‘Auto Perfection’ air freshener. I start having a look around inside the car. Adam points out that at present, the interior is still factory grey and black leather with factory audio, but has some big changes happening in the very near futures. These include changing from the factory colour leather interior to a Red leather interior. He’s also got plans to get all the dash plastics wrapped in a dark charcoal grey alcantara. I can visualise it now, it’s going to look great!

When I get to the boot. It appears Adam here, has a small addiction to anything ‘Auto Perfection’. From the looks of it, Adam has every ‘Auto Perfection’ product in his boot, it’s as if he has a mobile valeting set-up in the back there, even the holdall housing the products was branded ‘Auto Perfection’. Well, if a product works as well as this lot does, I’d be all in too.Maybe, we’ll have to do a review on these products in the future.

Adam mentions that the boot is due to undergo some major design changes. He’s looking at a full professional boot build (which Adam is designing himself) which will be housing his subwoofers, along with the Hardline air pipes. To set the whole build off, it will be all under lit with LED lights.

I take several shots of different angles, and am still in awe of the paintwork. I mention that we move to a different location within Deal to get a variety of back drops, so we head to Tides Swimming Pool in Deal.

The Volvo roars into life with that awesome exhaust, it is loud. We arrive at the next location.

Whilst having a look around, I start talking to Adam again about what it’s like to own the Volvo. He mentions, “I have been pulled over in this car more than I have had hot dinners, and to be honest, I expect that to continue!”. This is because, wherever Adam goes, so does his Volvo. It spends a lot of time on the road. Maybe the Police are either jealous or just want to have a look at this awesome car.

I finish taking the pictures and have a look through. Both myself and Adam are very happy with the results from what we can see in camera.

I sit down with Adam and have another chat, this time asking how long he believes all the changes to the Volvo will take. Adam says. “...It’ll be completed in around 2 years, that’s the plan”. During the conversation, Adam mentions that along with the wrap/ respray, the interior change and the boot build, he has just ordered a 2.5l Turbo engine from the Ford Focus ST. Being a Volvo engine anyway, the engine should transplant with very little problems. Once done, well, this car is going to be Full Beast Mode.

There are some other modifications that will be happening once the engine transplant has been done, but I have been sworn to secrecy. But you can guarantee that we will be having another full feature of this once everything is done.

Thank you, Adam, for allowing us to photograph and to find out about this little Volvo along with the big plans for the future. We can’t wait to see the finished project.

Marc Morris

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