Jemima's Fezzi

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

So what can I say about this car. This car may not be a modified bad ass but she is my pride and joy and I love driving her around and showing her off at show's. .

Had her around a year now and she not really had to much done to her accept maybe what I would call a "face lift", so basically just a few things done to make her look better then what she did.

The modifications I have done are New alloys, lowered on coil overs, and change the colour combo to blue, chrome & Moon dust silver, so with her modifications she been kept Tidy not over the top.

So I feel all the car needs is a name to match there personalities, therefore, her name is Floody. Reason for this is because my surname is Flood and my dad call's my floody, So I thought seeing as she was my 21st birthday present from my dad, & seeing that she is a ford, keep it all connected with the "F's"and thats where Floody came from. Really that's all there is too her, nothing more and nothing less.

Thanks for reading!!

Jemima Flood

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