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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

So, they say silence is bliss, but with this Mazda MPS there is DEFINITELY no silence but 100% bliss. When it came around the corner at Ramsgate harbour in Kent, (even though I heard it from five miles away) you could see this beast glisten, with its immaculate Black metallic paint in the sun.

The noise produced from this car came from a custom-made Cat back exhaust system and an immense dump valve. I asked him “what power is that throwing out?”, the answer I got back from Ryan was “337.8bhp on the read out and 320ft/lb”. In my eyes that is a beast for the size of the car.

The fastest Mazda I had been in before was the old Mazda 323 4x4 Turbo and this thing was much quicker than that. This thing shot off like me running to the pub on a Saturday night. This thing must guzzle the fuel down, Ryan replied “I only put unleaded Shell V Power in it”, so not only is it guzzling it he's buying the expensive kind, MOET Champagne for the motor nut.

After working out how fast this Mazda 3 was in a straight line, I was waiting to see how this this went around corners. The BC Racing Coil-overs took great care of that, it stuck to the road like my little ones Ferrari F50 kid’s car, with absolutely no body roll. So, at this point I’m thinking this is THE all-round beast on the road. I honestly have not been this excited about a Mazda since the old 323.

The styling on this car with the stance and that massive scoop on the bonnet looks evil if it was sat behind you in the rear-view mirror. It has every extension possible on the body work to give it that wide look to this Mazda, especially compared to a standard MPS. It has a full extension splitter kit that Ryan fitted himself, which includes front, side skirts and rear bumper. Not only that, Ryan has added a lip on the spoiler to give it much more presence. This is again a very distinctive car, you don’t see many highly modified and they are also pretty rare on the road.

The interior is less modified but after listening to the plans he has; there will be bucket seats being added as soon as he finds ones he likes, along with a roll cage, for you know, just in case. The touches inside are nice and subtle, such as a short shifter with a Cobb gear knob and a Cobb access port used for the gauges. Then if this car was not loud enough with the exhaust and you didn't hear him coming from a mile away, you certainly will with his Bose sound system in the car with the Bose sub in the back as a sweetener.

One of the questions I had to ask Ryan was “Why the MPS?”

His reply was “When I went and viewed the car on the off chance, I knew it was the car for me…. The best thing about the car is how much it surprises people as they are so underestimated, especially when I go on track days…. The amount of attention the car gets makes me proud of the time and money I have invested into it. The car never fails to make me smile…. I look forward to the future and carrying on with building this car”.

Overall, I have got to say a massive thank you to Ryan for letting me experience a Mazda MPS and what an experience it was. If any of the readers wants a fast car that look awesome in the Turbocharged category, it is well worth driving one of these and add to the short list.

Special Thanks From Ryan

Neil - VIP Motorsport

Stu Hoy - Motor Addicts

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