A Nice Pair Of TT's

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

After being out all day in the blistering sunshine, pretty much burnt to a crisp, we receive a message to say that we have the opportunity to shoot 2 epic Audi TT’s that evening. Even though we were a tad burnt, we couldn’t resist this opportunity. We agreed on the location for the shoot with James and Jorgie. James and Jorgie are a couple who have a fondness for the MK2 Audi TT, so they decided to have one each, one in black and one in white.

We arrived on location, waiting for the Audi’s to arrive, when a glorious sound is heard in the distance, “This must be them!”. It was! “Very nice” I say to Stuart, as they pull up at the first location. As they arrive at the location, 2 things draw my attention straight away. On the black TT, it’s the gorgeous custom painted Candy red Japan Racing JR21 19” alloys. The beautiful, and appear to show a different shade of red from every different angle. I WANT THEM!

On the white TT, it’s the huge rear Japspeed Carbon Fibre wing. Now this thing is huge, yet compliments the car. As we get to shooting the cars while the light is still good, we get asking them some questions about their cars. The first question asked was, “Why the Audi TT?”. James replied that he has a soft spot for the MK2 TT, for Jorgie, the TT happens to be her dream car.

“Do you have any other changes planned to the cars?” we ask. Jorgies reply was, “Hoping for an S-Line rear bumper, need splitter, TTS side skirts and a rear diffuser”. This TT is going to look even more amazing than it does now. James replies, “…I’m looking to focus on more aero parts for the TT, and I’ll really love to paint it yellow”. If this goes ahead, the yellow with that black carbon fibre is going to be outstanding. We leave them to it for a little while we shoot some more of the cars.

First, we focus on the Jorgies black TT. Walking around it, starting at the front we notice the styling on this one is superbly subtle. The front houses a TTS front bumper paired with an RS front grille, whilst the back has an RS carbon fibre spoiler. Another thing that I couldn’t help notice was that paintwork. It was flawless! The job that Bumper2Bumper did on that paint is outstanding. And in the sunshine, that car was like a black mirror! You cannot resist trying to touch the car its that’s good. The stance of the car is pretty low, thanks to the FK Coilovers, with those gorgeous wheels the car looks very aggressive.

After a while of shooting the interior, we ask to see inside. This cockpit is like an Aladdin’s cave of leather and carbon fibre. It’s wonderful. The with the Audi sat nav system and Bose speakers all round, this must be an awesome place to be. We now move our focus to the white TT. And WOW!

We go through the same process, walking around the car to get an eye for what shots to take. Firstly, the front, that RS front bumper and grille, with the Maxton Design splitter and side skirts leading round to the previously mentioned Japspeed rear spoiler give this TT some serious attitude. This leads around to the wheels, they look fantastic. The TT is wearing some 19” BOLA CSR, hiding behind them some TTS calipers with drilled and grooved M-Tech discs. And this TT is low thanks to the BC Racing BR coilovers. The touch of the yellow graphic down the side really finishes the exterior of the car perfectly.

James’ plans for the interior is simply “…Carbon everywhere”. And who are we to argue with how awesome this will look ‘carboned’. After speaking to both James and Jorgie for a while, we discover they have only had these TT’s for just under a year. I can’t believe how much work, time and money has gone into these cars in such a short time, they both look fantastic.

Speaking to Jorgie, she comments that “...Whenever anyone messages about the TT, they always assume I’m a boy… Girls can have modified cars too”. We couldn’t agree more. We move on to our next location, Walmer in Deal for some rolling shots. We set up the rig on Jame’s TT and get ready to shoot. We try to get the car moving under its own speed, but as soon as the car is started, the rumble from that Milltek exhaust makes the camera wobble, so we must go back and try that all over again. After several attempts, we get the shot, and what a shot!

We do the same with Jorgies TT, and learning from James we get this shot within the first three tries. And the pictures, they are outstanding. These cars have come a million miles from what James and Jorgie tell us they looked like when they first got them. We would say more, but we feel the pictures speak more than words. We would like to thank James and Jorgie for giving us the opportunity to see these awesome Audi’s up close and personal.

Jorgie would like to thank Bumper2Bumper for her awesome paint work, and Auto Perfection and Meguiars for keeping her beloved TT clean and shiny. James would like to thank all his mates that have helped with the car (they know who they are). James appreciates of all the help each and every one of them has contributed. He would like to thank Tesco Bank for helping with the modifications. But most importantly his partner for putting up with his car mad obsession, supporting his ideas (even if she hates them) and sitting outside with him as he works on the car.

Stu Hoy - Motor Addicts

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