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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

We sit at the location in Gillingham waiting, working out what sort of shots we’ll get of, the Dirtee South competition winner, Toms Focus ST-3, when we get a text, “will be a few mins”.

We get out of the car to see what we were dealing with, when we hear a deep throaty exhaust rumble from up the road. This must be him. A few seconds later we were greeted with an awesome blue 2015 Ford Focus ST-3.

The first thing I notice is the SS Tuning front splitter, its huge, but somehow doesn’t look out of place on the focus. I take a second look and am greeted with the subtle headlight tint that appears to be a different colour depending on what angle you’re at.

I say to myself, “I’m going to enjoy this”.

Tom gets out of the car and we greet him, shaking his hand and introducing ourselves. I leave Stuart to chat to Tom whilst I walk around the car looking at what I feel would give the best shots when I come to conclusion: this car will look great whatever angle you photograph it from, it’s an awesomely photogenic car.

Making my way round, I’m welcomed to some gorgeous Work S1 3 Piece split rim alloys in a custom blue, and they look like they belong. The custom tyre lettering really finishes it off. Along the side of the car, there is also SS tuning side skirts that tie in the front splitter to the rest of the car.

I carry on round the back of the Focus and there I see an extremely unordinary exhaust system. The Cobra exhaust is hexagon shaped, and boy does it sound amazing.

Whilst I’m at the rear of the car, Tom comes around and asks whether we’ll be taking interior shots, and he has a bit of a custom install in the boot. “Sure” we say, not really knowing what to expect. The boot opens to reveal a Henry Harwood custom design boot build housing a 2000w (rms) 18” Fi sub, a B2 4 Channel AMP and a B2 mono AMP all surrounded by a cool blue light. We are most definitely photographing this!

“Enough of the walking around” I say to myself, “I need to photograph this car!”

We work out the starting point and Tom moves the car into position, and again that noise! As he’s driving into position we see the Maxton rear diffuser and that is the final piece in tying everything in the lower quarter of the car together.

The car must be some sort of omen, and as soon as Tom has moved into position, the sun comes out and the faultless paintwork is shown for all its glory, a gorgeous blue on both the car and the wheels.

Every shot we take, is perfect. This must be a supermodel of the modified car world; this car is aggressive yet subtle.

We spend around an hour photographing, admiring the car when we move to interior photographs and again, more stunning little touches and features. In centre stage is the custom Sparco gear knob and gaiter. It’s awesome, I want one, not sure how it’d look on my Seat Leon though. The Pioneer double din head unit sits in the dash like it’s come from the factory. Even the small touches like the light up pedals/ foot well that appear to match the colour of the lights surrounding the custom boot build are just right.

Under the bonnet is a Devil Development fully forged engine pushing 428BHP, with a 3071R Garrett upgrade and a massive Forge induction kit. I have no idea how he’s fit all this in that engine bay. This spec sheet is going to be huge! Covering this is a Hydro dipped engine cover in snake skin red that screams Notice Me!

I set up the camera to take the picture, it’s awesome. Wherever I look, there’s something different. Its epic.

Once the shoot is done, we sit down and talk to Tom who tells us a bit more about what’s next for the Focus, and its mind bending. He tells us he wants a custom wide arch kit, carbon bonnet and a deep-dish conversion, he’s not bothered by what over Focus owners are doing, this car is built for him. He’s after big power from a show worthy car.

Well Tom, we think it’s a special car, and we can’t thank you enough for giving us the opportunity of photographing this beauty. We can’t wait to photograph it again when you had the next stage of modification completed.

Ford Focus ST-3: SPECS


Devil Development Fully Forged Engine

MK3 RS+ 1000cc Injectors

Garrett 3071r Upgrade

Forge Custom Dump Valve to Tail BOV

Forge Induction Kit

Stratified Custom WMI Remap

Cobra Full Exhaust System

U.S-Spec Montune Clutch & Flywheel

Montune Quickshift


Forge Stage 3 Intercooler

Summit Front Upper Strut Brace

Aesthetics/Exterior Styling:

SS Tuning Front Splitter

SS Tuning Side Skirts

Maxton Rear Deffuser

Carbon Mirrors

Carbon Roof

Carbon RS Style Rear Spoiler

RallyFlapz Mudflaps

Work S1 3P 3 Piece Split Rims, Custom Painted

TOYO Tyres All Round but Stretched at Rear


Pioneer Doubled in Head Unit

18inch FI Sub

Custom Henry Harwood Boot Build

B2 4 Channel Amp

B2 Mono Amp

Zen X Battery

Custom Spark GearKnob

Thanks From Tom

Devil Developments - Stratified - Demon Tweeks - SS Tuning - SJS Bodywork

Dirtee South

Marc Morris

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