Classics & Chips - A Search For A New Home

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Our local Classic Car Club is looking for their next destination, due to there being a large amount of work being done at the normal location, the Margate Harbour Arm, it proved difficult to fit everyone on due to this club’s expanding popularity. So this is where we follow them to find their new location!

After meeting with the Lee Collier of Thanet Classics, he decided to try out Minnis Bay in Birchington as the next possible home for his car meets. This was due to there being ample parking to make use of and he can also support local businesses from fish and chip bars to a newly restored café/restaurant. It also helps that it shares the great sunsets that Margate is famed for.

Lee thought it may have been a poor turnout due to location change, but boy was he wrong there. This was one of the busier Thanet Classic meets I have been to, with a huge range of Classics and Retro cars turning up, there was more than plenty to see. Even a sleek Aston Martin Vanquish drop-top turned up to soak in the setting sun.

These meets have such a great mix of automotive goodies with all sorts of vehicles making their way down from surrounding towns and villages, we even have some as far as London & Essex make the pilgrimage to the seaside. We had everything from a mint Sierra Cosworth RS to a Lotus Esprit with the odd Anglia, Buick, Beetle and Porsche thrown in just to name drop a few. This club really does have a great following!

Photographers love turning up to these events because the venues offer such stunning sunsets and that’s when these cars really come alive. There is also a fantastic short video that was shot by the team at CPL films from the meet that is well worth a watch, you can view by following the link below. These meets really are the ideal place for budding automotive photographers.

After the meet, I managed to have a chat with Lee he agreed that Margate is an ideal location with it’s stunning backdrops for the cars however, due to the expanding popularity a larger venue was required. Lee informed me that although Minnis Bay was a suitable venue, he will continue to search for a new and permanent setting for his monthly meets.

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Nick Simmo

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