Website Is Live!!

Finally the website is live.....

We have been working day and night to get the site up and running. We have to admit it has

been A LOT fun for us, as well as also getting out to the shows and travelling round to the

feature shoots getting some fantastic content together for you folks to go through. We have

met some proper motor addicts on the way to.

So what’s in store for the site?

We are still going to be going around looking to spot the next features and getting to more

shows therefore we will be able to keep giving you guys content on the blog and social

media. We love the grass root stuff, meeting all the people that have the same passion as us

for anything car related.

We have gained some talented writers and photographers from around the country, please

pop onto the team page and give them a follow. We are still on the lookout for more that

want to share their work. Please drop us a email at if you would like

to get your work up in lights, as we still have some areas we haven't covered.

You also get discounted products from some big brands that we have and we are going to

have. We are always looking for new sponsors or advertisers, so again, get in touch on our

team email

Also make sure you all subscribe to the website for your monthly newsletters, to keep up to

date on what we’re doing next, what shows we are attending, upcoming features and news

and offers from our sponsors/advertisers for the months coming, oh and there’s also prizes

to be won!.

What else is coming?

We are also in the background building an online store for merchandise from Motor Addicts

and our Sponsors/Advertisers. This is a big project but we are aiming for September or

October to go live.

We are getting hige interest with our magazine, which was our aim with the amount of

travelling and promoting that we have been doing. It will be available to download online for

FREE. You will also be able to get it from the online store if you want your very own hard

back copy. You’ll will also be able to pick one up from our stands at events and shows. We

really can't wait to get the first issue out.

There is so much more, I could go on and on. There is so much exciting stuff coming along

in the future, we can’t wait.

Please subscribe to our newsletter, save as a bookmark on your laptops and phones. Plus, if

you haven't already, get onto our social media pages too.

Exciting times ahead and a massive thank you from Team Addicts

#MotorAddicts #TeamAddicts


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