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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Well, let’s start at the beginning with a little bit about how I got to photographing this extremely low VW Lupo.

Harley had entered his car as part of a competition to win a free photoshoot. As you can probably guess, he won. Unfortunately, due to commitments from both of us, we couldn’t arrange the photo shoot for almost a month.

It wasn’t until Harley had a house party, where after we had both had a few ‘soft drinks’, we arranged the photo shoot date. Harley, due to the quantity of ‘Soft Drinks’ didn’t remember that this was arranged until around three days later when I messaged him to remind him.

That was it, the date was set.

We fast forward to the day. The weather was terrible. I’m almost certain that we must have had all four seasons in one day! Going from really heavy rain to bright sunshine. It must have been on and off like this about every half hour of the photo shoot. We all met together, we also had a few mates come along for the shoot, Kate & Kieran in their bagged Skoda Fabia; my driver Twitch, in his Mercedes 190 which was also bagged and of course Harley in his VW Lupo with his Wife Lils and the dog Oscar.

This Lupo looked immense on the day, everything was smoothed, the bumpers, the boot, the engine bay, this added with the flared and rolled front wings, the Schmidt TH Lines 3 piece splits WITH custom spiked wheel nuts which cover the G60 Brake conversion. Then whilst having a walk around I then noticed the STUKE front splitter and side skirts (Harley tells me they are modified Honda Civic side skirts, but from looking, you’d never realise)

The first part of the shoot was used to test methods, i.e. rolling shots, working out angles, where to get the best light, etc. This also involved me virtually hanging out the boot of the Skoda Fabia, which must be one of the scariest things I’ve ever done!

We spent a while trying to get Oscar to skate on a skateboard (we had to get a photo).

We stopped for a small while, discussing the plan of action, well, I say discuss, it turned out that the guys were discussing Airbags whilst the girls were discussing Dogs. This also gave myself the chance to clean my lenses from the large amount of moisture that had accumulated.

Right, enough of the talking, I needed photographs! I got the VW Lupo into position and got shooting away. The pictures of the exterior came out fantastic, so I then moved onto interior shots. And WOW, there’s been quite a bit of work done on the interior of this. The interior has been modified with some awesome Corbeau RXR front seats and a custom black carpet to match. All the plastics inside have been re-done in a gorgeous Piano Black, so I grabbed a few snaps and made my way to the boot, where I discovered a stunning custom boot build covered in the same black carpet from the interior along with some very shiny stainless steel hard lines. Nice!

After several shots, I finish up by photographing the engine bay, and that certainly doesn’t disappoint, no detail has been missed on this VW Lupo. Under the bonnet you can see a beautiful painted SEM Candy Wine Fire with silver metal flake rocker cover, gearbox and engine cover, all part of the raised engine. This tiny engine bay, somehow, also contained the BMC CDA induction kit and the KAM racing 4-1 manifold leading straight through the de-cat to a 4x6 back box. Its mind boggling to try and comprehend how this has all been fitted into this little car. It was a pleasure to photograph, and I cannot wait to get the opportunity to see it again.

Yas Little

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