Ford Fair 2017

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

On Sunday the 6th of August, I attended Ford Fair at Silverstone.

Well, what can I say about it? It was by far the best show I have been to this year without a doubt. I was on stand with Kent Modified Fords and in total we had 33 people on our stand.

This was our first show as a club and my first show with them as a club too. It was an amazing day and the sun was out which made the day even better.

I feel that the atmosphere on the day was incredible, everyone was in a brilliant mood, even if a lot of people were tired from the early start. The stalls that where there on the day had a wide range of different stock. This varied from the entry photos, cleaning products to event vape stalls. The great thing was that there were loads of different things for people to buy.

The main thing that was good about this show, in my opinion, was that all the items that were for sale on the day where made for Fords’, so you could be confident the parts would fit your car.

I would recommend this day to anyone that owns a Ford car. Definitely say to show your car off within a club, but if not its definitely one you must go to. If you cannot attend this show, then in September, is part two, which is Ford Fest at Santa Pod.

The range of cars at Ford Fair where out of this world, from old Fords to new Fords. As you can see from the images, you can see what the cars look like. I feel that some of the car owners out done themselves and were different.

I also feel that I gave people more ideas and inspiration on what to do on their own car. I know from what I saw definitely gave ideas for me and what I can do to mine. But I feel that can happen at any car show you got to. I feel that everyone’s car was at their best that day. some people may think their cars can look better, but I feel the quality of cars and looks were amazing.

I will definitely be returning to Ford Fair in 2018, but you can also find me at Ford Fest 2017 at Santa Pod again with Kent Modified Fords. So, if anyone is attending this show come over and say hello to us all and ask any questions you may have.

Jemima Flood

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