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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Well, we got a cheeky message from a close friend saying “Stu, do you fancy a trip for Le Mans for a track day?”.

It didn’t take me more that 0.3 seconds to think about it, then replied “OMG yes” and I’m so glad I decided to go.

Apart from the very early wake up call, I was ready to get going. Proper excited. So, went to go and met my buddy, who has got an animal of a BMW M3 B55, which has been supercharged and a hell of a lot more goodies implanted in this awesome beast. After chatting to Gareth, I had to ask what sort of power is this Beemer kicking out? He said “…About 500BHP”. I thought to myself this is going to be a fun road trip.

I was unsure of the cars that were going to convoy with us down the Le Mans, but soon enough, we started hearing engines & exhaust tones coming down the road. Then suddenly there was a Porsche GT3, MX-5 Turbo, Carrera S, M3’s and so much more turn up, this was immense. Once all turned up an all details given we were off to Dover to make the trip.

After the very short and fast journey in convoy to the port, I was expecting that with all the noise we would all get pulled in the port, but only a couple out of 10 of them got called across. After waiting for the catch up, I was getting excited to get on the boat and over the pond to Calais.

I’ve got to admit that the breakfast on the P&O Ferry is stunning, highly recommended from us at Motor Addicts.,

On the other side, we went to meet up with other Team Addicts members Lou & Ant half way down the motorway and get them in the convoy. I was really surprised that they caught up, especially with the amount of horse power that was lingering around the group. I’m not going to talk about the drive down as speed cannot be talked about on here (but obviously we didn’t exceed 80kph), but we got to the hotel I sharpish fashion, LOL.

Once at the hotel, we were basically the first group there, it was time for a shower then beer. Once at the bar, purchasing my fuel (which was a nice pint of Stella and sitting in the beer garden by the car park) you could hear the noise of cars turning up. Out of nowhere there was a Lamborghini Aventador and a McLaren 720S come round the corner. I thought this is a big car I wonder if it will be full of super cars. Oh yes it did. Supercar after supercar came through the gate. Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Mclaren’s and so much more, as you will see in the photos, all ready to take it round the track the next day. I just could not wait to get to the track the next day.

After many, many, beers and a good sleep, I woke up to the Lambo outside my room making a hell of a lot of noise. That’s when I knew it was time to get breakfast and get going to the track.

I jump in the M3 and we were off, obviously stopping at a petrol station on the way down to track which was about 5 minutes from the hotel. I had never been to Le Mans, it is such an impressive place from outside and then you get in, going through tunnels to get to the pits. Once in the car park, I discovered it was full of even more cars, including a Retro Corvette, Seat Leon Touring car, Lotus’s and even a VW Polo which turned out to have a 1.8 20V Turbo lump in it, Guarantee that’s going to be mental.

So, we all had to go and get briefed (even the passengers) ready for the race track. You could see Lou & Ant itching to go out to see the cars. I must admit this car park must be worth a bomb. When the briefing was finished, you could see everyone trying to rush out to get to their cars, like me lining up for cake or a Stella. As soon as I got to pits, everyone was suiting up.

All of the drivers where on their way to the track, so I shot off with my camera to the pit lane to start shooting. I was thinking that these guys surely are not going to be thrashing these expensive beautiful cars to the max, and boy was I wrong. It was incredible. Mclarens, Lambo’s, Porsche’s and everything else were not holding back. It’s the first time I have seen these cars up close and personal getting ragged to their maximums.

What a day it turned out to be.

I went looking for Lou & Ant, but couldn’t seem to find them. Then suddenly like a bunch of school kids came over to me telling me a list of cars that people invited them to come out in. I thought to myself, I have definitely been on the wrong side of my camera and had to put it away, just so I could go out in a couple of these cars. I only went small I went out in a M3, Porsche GT3 RS and a Carrera S, so ok, not small.

Sadly, the day had to come to an end. but what a day and experience. I have got to say, what a well organised day by Delta Racing of which I will put the link to their Facebook page below, so you can all go and give them a follow. Also, a massive thank you to Team Kent for letting me hangout and get scared royally on way there and back at points #BrownPants. Lou & Ant will be dribbling for months to come, so overall immense.

Oh, and also we are going to cover Team Kent in Spa in November, so watch this space.

Delta Racing LTD Facebook Page

Stu Hoy - Motor Addicts

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