The Hulk

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Becoming an Avenger has got to be truly difficult. I don’t breathe fire nor am I made of electric but damn, that would be cool. Talking of the Avengers, my favourite has got to be the big green smashing fella, you know, the Hulk from the movies or even from the 80’s tv series.

With Big Lee Stevens C63 AMG, it has a lot of aspects of the big green machine from the TV. As you can see it’s an absolute beast with its green wrap which is the same shade of green that Bruce Banners’ monster has. The other bits on this car, that sets off the outside to give it the mean look, is a full aero carbon fibre kit that consists of front splitter, side skirts, rear corner skirts, rear diffuser and a wicked duck tail spoiler. These parts really break up the colours incredibly on ‘the Hulk’. Even the bonnet with its 507 bonnet vents make this crazy businessman’s car have that pi**ed off look.

Also adding to it, has got to be the air ride. Made by Air Lift Performance with full racing coil-overs, so the whole setup is not just made to look phat but mainly also perform. The stance on it is as good as you will see.

The car itself is a 2012 Mercedes with only 33k on the clock. This car looks like it’s been hidden out of sight since leaving the factory, this car is mint!. It truly looks like it’s been put together and just been hidden away to be starred at. If you’re a Mercedes-Benz person, and you’re asking yourself, “What model is it?” Well, it’s a bit of a mouthful (if I hadn’t written it down I would have no chance of remembering) so here we go. It’s a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG MCT 7G, I did look at it one evening in the pub and really struggled saying it quick after a couple of Nelson Mandela’s.

Lee has also tinkered under the bonnet a smidge as well.

Obviously not happy with the 457BHP produced from the factory and running from 0-60 in ONLY 4.5 seconds, he upped the power by adding a Akrapovic exhaust system which made it roar like an angry Hulk. To hear in person, all I can say is that it sounded immense especially in the Bluewater multi-story, with the roar of the exhaust echoing of the walls. So, with the exhaust and the air filter, plus the big remap he has had done to this beast, Lee ended up pushing out an impressive figure on the rolling road of 526BHP which has made it a true animal in the C63 world.

Now on to the guts of ‘the Hulk’. It’s full (and very rare) red leather interior finishes it off amazingly. When you open the doors of this beast, you just think you must have climbed inside of the beast itself. This colour really finishes the theme of this car.

The steering wheel in the car is stunning, now I know it sounds a little weird that I’m getting excited by talking about a steering wheel, but it is awesome. The Alcantera & carbon really fits in the hands perfect, so you know if you where to throw this animal about that you will have control, especially with its extended paddle shifters.

My conclusion is that just like on the big screen, this C63 AMG, with its Envy green colour, near enough matching that of the Hulks skin, and the engine power being the pure muscle of the character, the red interior like the beasts blood, the noise certainly something not from this world and the stance like it’s about to go ‘SMASH!’, it really is a mutant of the car world and definitely worthy of the Avengers.

Also this Beast is up for sale for £35k and well worth it. For any information please contact Stu at

Stu Hoy - Motor Addicts

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