Harry's Golf

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Well, this is my virtually original 1985 MK2 Golf Type 19. I purchased the car in 2015, having covered only a handful of miles. After months of searching for the perfect MK2, I stumbled across it on a Friday evening; and of course ,it was half way up the country!

As I have previously said, this MK2 is a 1985 model, making it one of the early MK2’s (Type 19). The ‘type 19’ has a vast amount of differences from the later spec MK2s, including quarter window glass, LHD wipers, 7 slat grill, rear mounted washer bottles, the list goes on and on.

The car is finished in Volkswagen’s ‘Jade Green Metallic’ paint, and it is very original. I have spent many days machine polishing and detailing the car to get it in perfect shape for shows.

So why did I choose to buy a MK2 Golf? I’ve always loved classic german cars, and the Golf has always stood out to me. With the highest spec feature being an automatic choke, the car is very much focussed towards the driver. With no power steering, a very heavy cable clutch and the sound of a carburettor, this car really does give a truly unique feel on the road. Having driven a variety of different modern vehicles, with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos, whenever I step back into the MK2, I am reminded why I don’t need any optional extras.

What does the future hold for my MK2 Golf? Currently, the car is only used for weekend driving and car shows; and of course the odd impromptu trip to the shops when the sun is shining. Essentially, I plan to enjoy the car as much as I can. Any future modifications or changes will be very small, as I feel the ‘original’ look suits my car perfectly.

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