Oh So Retro Show 2017

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

So, what can we say about the OHSORetro show 2017, and to be honest, only one word comes to mind… EPIC!​

We were invited to participate in the creating some content for the magazine (see the 1980’s feature posted prior to this) that was given out to A LOT of the people attending the show. This in turn resulted in us being able to cover the show to be featured in Motor Addicts.

About the day.

The weather was fantastic, beautiful sunshine all day, it’s as if everything was aligned to allow this to be as successful as we imagine Lee would have hoped for.

We arrived early to catch the cars coming in. We were expecting a lot of cars, but words can’t describe how many there actually were. I’m just glad I didn’t need to travel into Thanet for anything important that day.

The thing we really like about OHSORetro is that everyone is friendly and will come and talk to you. There is none of this snobbery or divisions between the different era’s and brands that you can come to experience. Everyone is appreciative of everyone else’s vehicles.

Therefore, in just 4 years, the OHSORetro show has accumulated a gigantic following, with people coming from as far away as Sweden, Germany and France just to have the opportunity to showcase their pride and joys.

Each year the show has grown bigger and bigger, with this year making way for almost 1400 cars, all of which were lovingly cared for and appreciated by not just the drivers themselves, but the adoring public also.

Please, have a look through our coverage of the show. I hope you can appreciate these awesome cars as much as we did when we were photographing them.

Its mind bending to try and comprehend the logistics and magic that Lee Collier has achieved to make this a success in just 4 years! but we salute you and thank you.​

Now this year’s show is over, we can’t wait for the 5th OHSORetro Show in 2018.

Give Oh So Retro a follow HERE and go check out there cool clothing line on there website

All photos of the show will go live on our Facebook page tomorrow.....

Stu Hoy - Motor Addicts

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