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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Take 2 with team Kent to the next destination Spa. This time round compared to Le Mans there were a couple of differences, a few more cars and a hell of a lot rain.

I was told a couple of nights before that there was a special car coming and asked what is it? And Gareth would not let me know until the morning of Spa. Anyway on arrival to meet him, I saw it!! It was a bog basic Nissan Micra that stunk of dog and sick. Basically it was the Motor if one of the guys cars broke down, they would have to drive it all the way back. Very Top Gear!!

So the same as last time we met in Thanet in Kent and after a hearty breakfast we were off and this time very calmly due to weather not being at its best.

It only took us 5 hours in total to get to the hotel in Spa, which I really didn’t think it was that close, got to admit Francorchamps is a nice little place.

So the morning we were all praying it was gonna be dry ended up being a no go, it hammered it down. When we arrived at the track, which was the first time I had gone and it was so picturesque with the mist floating over the trees. After the brief from Circuit-Days we got the chance to get a look at the cars in attendance. There were a hell of a lot of high powered rear wheel drive cars. So we then knew with the weather that was there I think it’s all going to be about the 4x4’s and the little front wheel drives that will be owning the day.

Once they were on the track are thoughts was correct!! There were a few Evo’s & Subaru’s that getting the power down, with one that shone out, not due to speed but even though it was plowing down the track, but it was more about the look.... it was a Lancer Evo Estate!! Obviously a very rare car as I had never seen one before, I would chose one over the Subaru Estates.

Also the winners on the track are the French cars that were going round the track. Especially the Blue & Red 310BHP and 360lb ft Renault Clio, was the stand out of the day, which I did not notice any car go past it. I did see it over take Gareth’s Supercharged M3 which is over 500bhp down the straight, with James the owner looking at Gareth as he goes past laughing. Also the other Frenchies were hard to keep up with in the wet conditions.

Even though it was wet the cars on show was immense, loads of Porsche’s, BMW’s, Nobles and even a bad ass Turbocharged Corsa which was another star of the day.

Overall the experience of Spa was mental, apart from the rain. Also as I said after Le Mans I need to get myself a track car and since being back, I got one! So I will be going down to the next track day in my own Renault Clio 172 and pray it rains so I can keep up with the big boys. I chose one of these just for the pure fact watching them the last couple of track days and borrowing Lee’s Clio Trophy I had to get one....

Again a big thanks to Team Kent and thanks for inviting us along again.. also a massive thank you to Circuit-Days for a well organised event. Give them a follow on FB here and go to there website

Nick Simmo

Stu Hoy - Motor Addicts

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