Spooled Clio

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

I thought I'd post a few more pics of this beastly Renault Clio with the Renault Megane 225 engine planted in the front.

This little beast has had a ton load of work done to it, which has now got it pushing 310BHP.

On the drive down to Spa in the rain, it stuck to the road like glue. James has had a new diff on the front that literally helped the wheels from spinning.

This RS that started off as a 197 has had so much work done, it nearly didn't make it. Every time it went out it kept jumping into limp mode due to electrical problems, but a couple of grand later and all new wiring got that sorted and was ready only a couple of days prior to leaving for Spa.

The wiring work was well done, because it made it all the way down to Belgium and back without fault. Once there, it was the star of the show, overtaking Porsche's, Beemers, Skylines even Team Kent's own Gareth, with his 500+ Bhp Supercharged M3. If you ever get the chance to look round this absolute animal of a Clio, please do! The work to fit it is immense. Enjoy the photo folks!!

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