Autosport International & The Performance Show 2018

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Sunday, 14th January, was just one of the days that Autosport International & The Performance Show were open for the public to attend. Autosport International boasts as one of Europe’s largest indoor events within the motorsport realm, featuring the most recent and up-to-date in motorsport, automotive and performance engineering technology, in company with cars and exhibitors from every level of motor racing, aesthetics and maintenance, the show provides the perfect platform for members of the industry to meet with, network and develop business with others, as well as enthusiasts to see first-hand what goes into each and every motorsport based vehicle. From the classics to some of the most modern-day cars.

The Show covers different aspects and motorsport series ranging from the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1 all the way to in-depth interviews with key members of the industry and celebrity drivers on the Autosport stage and even ‘Tech Talks’ from some of the leading names in the industry. The show really does have it all! We had talks from the likes of Nigel Mansell, Gil De Ferran, Billy Monger, Matt Neal, the list goes on. It’s not only an interesting event for the sights, but also the educational talks from some really inspiring people really addresses what happens within the motorsport community.

After a pitstop to fuel up on coffee we were at the NEC. The noises soon began to hit us; the sounds of raspy, crisp revving from numerous cars waiting to get parked up. We weren’t to know what to overly expect upon entry but we had a number of different cars, different merchant stands and masses of people wandering every which way. Glimmering and gleaming you could really get a sense that the cars being displayed were truly loved and adored by their owners. Some you were even invited to sit in!

Also present there were F1 and driving simulators for people to experience what it’s like to be driving some of the different cars in ‘race’ type conditions. We also had the likes of go-carting which was a great activity for people of all ages, all abilities to let loose and have some fun on an indoor track! Close by, however was an indoor Abarth 124 Spider drift experience, where we witnesses three Abarth Spiders getting slung around with members of the public co-piloting. The experience looked great in all honesty; however very repetitive, repeating the same moves over and over.

It didn’t seem as if there was any organisation to the layout of things at all, we honestly must’ve walked past the same one stand a few times just trying to see all of them. F1 Racing had a large feature this year; showing off some of the past cars, and introducing us to new ideas of what 2018 will feature. We also had specials from the likes of BTCC, BDC, Liberty Walk,, Ferrari, Pirelli, and also Coys Auction to name a few.

The live action show commenced being described perfectly as “petrol head heaven” we were introduced to a thrilling variety of driving demonstrations and racing action. Which us with some unforgettable sounds and smells of both unburnt fuel to burnt rubber.

"From drifting and time trials to Terry Grant's nail-biting loop-the-loop earlier this year, each show is always an exhilarating experience and I can't wait to see what the 2018 event has in store." - David Croft (Sky Sports F1 Commentator).

It was honestly a great day out, and would be a fun event for all ages to enjoy! Roll on the Automotive International show next year!

But in all honesty, bring on the shows of 2018!

(ps. this toy liberty walk car was just phenomenal! Everyone had a right giggle when they saw it being featured on the stand alongside the big boys. This had to be my all time favourite stand this year! Huge applause to the guys from Liberty Walk – check them out!)

Kat Jarvis

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