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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

So, on what felt like the coldest day of the year, Stuart turns up at mine to pick me up for our trip to London to go meet Katey and her Mk6 VW Golf GTi.

Katey travelled all the way down from Birmingham, and we can’t thank her enough for taking the time to come all this way.

Katey won the ClubClub Motor of the Month and represents those awesome girls at Car Girl Culture.

After a surprisingly easy drive up to the location for the shoot (and being very appreciative of the traffic wardens who allowed us to use the location)

We arrived a bit earlier than planned, so we discussed what sort of shots and where we were going to go for locations.

It was about 45 minutes later when Stuart got a message from Katey, asking where exactly we were.

Several minutes later, we hear a little rumble coming up the road to meet us.

That rumble came from a lovely looking Candy White Golf GTi.

Once they had turned up, we introduced ourselves, and started to have a little look around the car. The mods done on this Golf are subtle, but so very well done.

Before we could take any photographs of the Golf, Katey and her Boyfriend Josh were insistent on giving the car a clean. To be honest, with the distance they had travelled and with the weather as crappy as it was, even a mud coloured car would look dirty.

I took this opportunity to get the camera out and snap them cleaning the car, they even managed to rope Stuart into cleaning a bit. Stuart introduced them to some CarSpunk detailing products.

I had a cheeky little look at the engine and couldn’t help but notice that the modifications weren’t just on the exterior, Katey had also invested time and money to the engine bay also. This included having a RAM Air induction kit installed and a Forge dump valve.

There are changes within the engine/ ECU planned for the future including getting a custom remap done, more exhaust changes and hydro dipping parts within the engine.

Katey mentions that the engine is (apart from the dump valve and induction kit) all standard VW, but recently had to be rebuilt as it broke. No mean feat, but was perfectly fully rebuilt be her Dad.

Whilst they were cleaning the car, I couldn’t help but notice those awesome 18” BBS LM alloy wheels which had the spoke custom painted to match the Candy White of the Golf. Wow these look fantastic.

Stuart took the opportunity whilst assisting them with the cleaning to ask them a few questions about what had been done to the car.

“How long have you owned the Golf, and how much have you spent on it to get it to the high standard it is today?” asked Stuart. “…About 2 years and around £3000!” replied Katey. From how good this car looks, its clearly been spent very wisely.

About half hour passes and the car is finally to the cleanliness that Katey and Josh are happy with. We can finally start taking some photos.

The car is positioned where we want it, with the London skyscraper backdrop perfectly framing the car, when I start to notice the fantastic little details that make this build unique. As Josh starts to manoeuvre the Golf into position I start to notice the changes they have made. I have to say these changes are beautifully done. Firstly, the Euro Style of the yellow fog lights. These look right at home, as if they we put in from the factory. Just under the fogs, attached to the bumper houses the TRC Splitter in black. I really love this black and white colour combination. As I start to look even closer, I notice lovely details, an example is the VW badge which has been changed/ modified to make it unique to Katey’s car.

This is when Katey mentions its on air! And Josh lowers the Golf. Damn! that’s low! You’d struggle to get a sheet of paper under that once its lowered. The front splitter is pretty much on the ground.

It turns out that that the air ride has been a problem with this build, what with the terrible weather we have had recently. The weather had destroyed their previous compressor.

We catch some shots and ask Josh to turn the car around. Whilst this happens, we ask Katey, “Why the Golf?”. She replies, “I’ve always loved VW’s...I LOVE the ‘DUB’ world… I’ve previously had a MK4 before this Golf but wanted a faster, newer model. I wanted more horses, yet it still be affordable to use as a daily runner”. “Have you had any problems with the body, whether is be body work or paint work since owning the car?” Stuart asked. “Only the good old British weather causing rust” Katey replied.

Once the car is in position, we again, take more shots, and again in awe of the stylish modifications on this car.

On the side of the car we see some awesome, yet subtly brilliant R20 side skirts in black, matched with some really nice Carbon Fiber wing mirrors. I also noticed the little detail of the MK7 GTi fender badges, they look like they should have been there all along.

I walk around to photograph the rear of the car and again, more Carbon Fiber. It seems that Katey has a fondness for Carbon Fiber details, and who can blamer her. The Carbon Fiber rear diffuser and spoiler really finish the car off perfectly.

I then notice where that lovely note was coming from as they pulled up earlier. That’ll be an awesome RJ Custom exhaust that looks and sounds bloody brilliant.

Due to how photogenic this car is (and it seems the amount of people walking past who stopped to have a look at the car, also agree), I think I took about a hundred photos.

We decide that it was time to move onto the next location of the day. We convoyed to the ‘Graffiti’ Tunnel within central London. I’m glad I wasn’t driving!

We managed to get into the tunnel for a short amount of time, and WOW... the lighting in the tunnel really made the car come to life.

Stuart snapped several shots of the stunning looking Golf under this light.

Unfortunately, we were only able spend a small amount of time here as it was busy with pedestrians walking through and business vehicles coming to and fro.

On the way out, Stuart mentions to Katey that there’s one more place he wants to visit to take a photo of the car. That place being opposite the London Eye. On the way, and whilst stuck in traffic in The Strand, we work out how we’re going to do this.

Luckily, there was a HGV loading bay right where we needed to be, and as this was a Sunday, we were able to get the car in position and snap the photo. And boy, what a backdrop.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get many photos of the interior of Katey’s Golf.

She did tell us she was rocking the factory VW GTi Tartan half bucket seats and GTi flat bottom steering wheel. The dash is a combination of sticker bomb and carbon vinyl.

I.C.E wise she has replaced the factory audio with a double din Kenwood touch screen with a custom sticker bomb surround, powering a Vibe Subwoofer, all installed by her Father and Josh.

Katey states that she’s almost happy with the exterior, the inside is now on the agenda. Hoping that she doesn’t get the problems trying to get the parts to fit like she did with some of the exterior modifications.

So, what’s in the future for this Golf? Well, Katey is looking to get this already stunning Golf to show car standard with the aim to be in a position to start to win competitions, trophies, etc.

Katey would like to thank a few people who have helped her on her way:

My Dad and my Boyfriend Josh for putting up with me and my ideas. And also helping fit all my parts.

Fyve Automotive for making my air ride possible

RJ Performance for my exhaust on this and previous cars

Kelton Garage for ALWAYS making sure my car works

Faulkner & Co. for custom painting my alloys

We loved this Golf, and we know you all will too. We’ll be keeping an eye out for it in the future when we’re out attending shows.

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