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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Most editorials or features begin with how ‘understated’ the subject is or refer to the ‘subtle’ touches of elegance in its styling. When I laid eyes on Mike’s Impreza WRX at the first Scooby Spotting meet in Aylesbury, there was nothing understated or subtle about it. From the BGW (Big Gay Wing for those not familiar with the term) down to the ABW flared arches, custom bonnet vents and aggressive as hell front end with race inspired canards and aftermarket spotlights.

It is easy to see why people may feel intimidated looking at this car in the rear view mirror by the set of green Hella’s, peeking through the grill like dragons nostrils or the custom tinted headlights matched with green halo’s peering at you in a “move the f outta my way” manner. The aggressive lines continue in the form of canards, front splitter and custom bonnet louvres, carefully hand crafted and fitted by Mike himself.

“All show and no go” is a saying that most definitely does not apply Mike’s 2.5l Flat Four power plant, producing a modest 380 bhp from a custom billet, VF43 turbo. On opening the hood, you are greeted with more chrome than Robo Cop with plenty of RCM goodies, K&N and Forge, also providing some choice modifications. The alien themed, green G-Plus silicone hoses, simulate arteries transporting life blood throughout the engine. The suspension and brake set up has not gone untouched either, boasting M2 uprated strut braces front and rear, Whiteline anti roll-bar and drop links and Tein Street Z coilovers. The standard WRX calipers have been replaced with uprated Brembo items to provide additional stopping power.

“Size doesn’t matter” said no woman ever – the same goes for the rear wing on this beast from the east, 70 inches of pure Japspeed heaven. The all too familiar flat four rumble resonates through the decat Cobra stainless exhaust system, exiting from a 5 inch tailpipe like a loud-haler, amplifying the soundtrack.

Mike has more plans for his Impreza and with most project’s, it will never truly be finished. A new custom set of bonnet vents are on the way, a colour coded interior (matching the green alien theme on the inside), custom rear diffuser and aero bonnet catches.

Keep up the good work Mike, Motor Addicts looks forward to seeing you and your Impreza of course, on the 2018 show circuit, repping the “Scooby Spotting” crew. (FB: Scooby Spotting, IG: @Scooby.Spotter)

Motor Addicts would also like to drop a shout out to Mike’s sponsor, Celectro Detailing ( for all your detailing needs.

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