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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

When you think of the Peugeot 106, you automatically think of the GTi. A cool, nippy, fun car to drive and probably the last best Hot Hatch to come from this French company, that was known for some of the best hot hatches around. 

Well it Appears that the guys at DJM Motorsport must have got bored of the normality of a GTi and went all out in creating three crazy stripped out, wide bodied, 4x4, Cosworth powered Peugeot 106’s.  What DJM Motorsport created, creates massive attention (and some confusion) wherever you see it. 

This rare car really does look like it was built for the WRC circuit, but these have never been there or on the grand stage at this championship.  Instead they used the Peugeot 306 Maxi, which was powered by a 2.0ltr, 16V DHC Motor with a turbo strapped to it for good measure, that created 280bhp.  

But this 106 has a slightly different story in power. 

This 106, which is lighter than the 306, went on the rolling road a week before we turned up for the shoot. 

So, when I asked the owner Dan Walford about how it went? He just looked at me, rolled his eyes and told us the story. 

Dan said “Well on the way down to Broadstairs High Performance it started running a bit rough and then the pug decided to try to kill itself and me at same time by blowing an injector, with me thinking the car is going to set alight but luckily didn’t”. 

As you can imagine when you own a car thats been built for motorsport, its bound to have a few issue’s. Luckily Dan got it fixed and got it to the rolling road where this wolf in sheep’s clothing hit 340BHP at 1.2 BAR.  We were told that he could have pushed the turbo up a little bit more to around 2 BAR, where this little 106 was estimated to hit the heights of about 400BHP! 

400BHP…In a 106! 

Think about it!

That is something we’re trying to get our heads around. That’s a massive 120bhp more than the 306 Maxi and a hell of a lot lighter. 

Just imagine what Peugeot could of done if they put their focus into a 106 instead.

This unsuspecting car is used on the road all the time and driven to the car club meet ups, not trailered like most cars of this breed. 

Now is that a good thing, I hear you ask?! 

The answer is No, even though this this has been built exceptionally well for race, it is not built for the typical, pot holed roads of Britain. It is highly uncomfortable, even though it has a proper piece of Recaro engineering in the driver’s spot. It’s loud, it rattles …a lot, it’s bouncy and has a 15-gallon fuel cell in the back that makes this a legal high sanctuary as the fumes sometimes don’t like staying in the fuel tank. 

So apart from being uncomfortable, it’s also going to be unreliable, as all race cars are. As you heard Dan say, it blew an injector on the way to rolling road which is ONLY 15 miles away. 

In a nut shell, would I still own it even though all these problems? Oh, Hell Yeah, it’s an untamed beast.

The Cosworth lump which is a Harvey Gibs built, 200 block, long studded beast which has had some add-ons should we say, like an Intercooler the size of your dinner table from a Le Mans Audi race car, this thing hangs out all over the place. It also has Piper Cams and an upgraded turbo.  I know I’m cutting this short, but the list grew and grew, so to list everything on the spec list would end up being bigger than this post. 

I think the thing that needed to be worried about more was stopping the thing, so he added Willwood 6 pots and the grip comes from a set of Yokohama Advan A048’s on 215/45/17. 

The ultimate question is then, does a French Body with British Guts work well together? Should this of been in the WRC? Would I buy it, even though it would kill me? 

100% yes to every single question.  Even if just for bragging rights or to look at. Just throw the Reliability issues out the window because if you were to own it, you would expect to pay for it as a built for racing motor. Of course there are loads of annoying bits but I’d live with it, but I would also use it for what it was built for.

Massive thanks for Dan Walford and go check out the club he runs at this link on Facebook!! Deal Classics


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