Ghost Mustang Reveal - Lydden Hill

Updated: May 20, 2019

When I got a message from Shaun Hopper saying he’s on a new Mustang build I knew it was going to be worth following the updates as he was the brains behind one of my favourite movie car mash ups with his Eleanor/Mad Max GT500 that I featured in the 2017 OhSoRetro Show Magazine where we had a blast playing with some red smoke grenades and a cool rusty barn (here’s a link But as with most people,

Once you start scratching that itch it’s hard to stop so here’s where Quadriga’s second build known as ‘GHOST ‘comes in or “Build 0002” for guys in the know. First of all, for a guy who clearly loves retro and classic stuff why has he taken time to cut, weld, bang and sweat over a 2016 car??

Well, this car belongs to Glen Virtue and after realising his black on black GT wasn’t the only one in town he wanted something unique, something that he could guarantee some exclusivity too, basically he wanted something no-one else was going to have.

But when you want something one of a kind what do you do? You find yourself a builder! You find yourself a Shaun! He’s an old school guy, building stuff out of a dusty barn with his bare hands (meaning no clever computers, not that Shaun has some sort of horrible birth defect don’t worry) so that was it, a plan was set in motion and over the winter months when Glen takes his annual vacation to warmer climates Shaun would begin transforming an already aggressive looking car into....well...a wide bodied monster that will break necks on every damn street it cares to head down, as long as the street in question isn’t narrower than 7.4 feet of course! Yeh it’s that wide! I mean a London City bus is 8ft wide #prayforglen

Onto the build then as stated above 3 months was given from start and finish and within a week or so Shaun came good on that promise. The key to this car’s presence was always that body kit, it had to look right, as if it had been a factory option, that a little secret handshake, a nod, a wink and a code word would allow you to tick a special box and they would fit this kit but if you looked brave enough type of thing ya know...

After a few days of researching Shaun found a company in the United States of America land called “Clinched” not clenched and please don’t google images the wrong word, your search history deserves more respect than that! Allow a week or so for shipping and POW it arrived in Shaun’s barn ready to be installed! It was at this point he had to cut out the original wings and dress them back to retain strength but more importantly add clearance for when it’s slammed to the deck! Once he’d butchered the poor cheeseburger eating stang’ there was no going back really. It was fingers crossed and hope it would all work out....that whole clinched/clenched thing probably seemed pretty apt at this point.

With things moving forward well, Shaun would keep Glen updated at various stages to ensure he was onboard with everything and happy as the build pushed on. A few things that Glen specified early on though was that it must not look riveted on he didn’t want that “plug and play” look it had to look seamless and it had to stay black the rest was up to Shaun. He wasn’t after a speed machine or something to make light work of Italian supercars he just wanted something that made you stop and stare. Something that you don’t see everyday, which has that WOW factor! 

That brings us neatly up to the present day with me stood on the start/finish line at the historic Lydden Hill Circuit in Dover where in front of me is a VERY large sheet covering what appears to be the rough outline of a Mustang and in the distance I can hear the burble of Shaun’s 67’ GT500 cruising down through the pits carrying a very excited Glen on his way to see his wide-body Mustang “GHOST”.

The sun comes pouring just as he arrives andfollowing is Russell from “rkn_ariel_imaging” with the high frequency buzz from his drone. I’ve been to this track many, many times over the years but I can tell you hand on heart standing here as all this unfolds is just epic! Huge kudos to the team at Lydden Hill who allowed this to happen giving us the perfect backdrop for the unveiling.

A few words exchanged between Glen and Shaun about the build up to today and then the covers are whipped off and the car is instantly crowd pleasing! First impressions...Its low I mean like really low and crazy wide. It instantly dwarfs Shaun’s 67’ no easy feat believe me.

It’s equipped with air lift suspension so it can go lower than the bumper and skirts will allow but more importantly it can be raised even higher than standard to deal with the ample supply of potholes that Britain’s roads like to throw at us! See it’s not just for looks it’s almost practical....well almost.

The rear wheels have been widened to 345/25/20 to sit flush with the widened kit and the fronts are 305/30/20, alloy choice? They went with a forged Rennen R55 3 piece alloy finished in satin black of course! Along with some other choice items the bonnet, rear louvers, and rear side gills are now carbon fibre, the front and rear lights have been smoked to help with that stealth look and Shaun has added a little personal flare with the famous Punisher comic book character skull on the front (Glens favourite film) as if needed to be more menacing. It’s not all low and no go either it’s had a minor engine map from “Dream Tune” that sees the power up to a healthy 540bhp which means it might be as wide a bus but it won’t struggle to over take one...nice! To help add a little more growl to that V8 engine he swapped the standard exhaust system for a “Borla” one and to top it all off added gunmetal grey stripes that draw your eye from front to back because what would a Mustang be without go faster stripes? Hell they are about as American as apple pie! 

For more info on the build Shaun and what he has in the pipeline he’s created a YouTube channel dedicated to the process so check it out for all the detailed stuff

Oh, and if that wasn’t cool enough if you really wanna see his work up close you can book his cars for weddings and functions! Here’s the website for all the info

Thanks as ever to Shaun for inviting Motor Addicts down for this unveil and for involving us in the build we are HUGE fans of it and can’t wait to see what he gets his hands on next.

Word & Photos by Nick Simmo

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