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Updated: Oct 1, 2019

We love looking through Instagram and thought we would share the people than entertain us in the car world on this social media platform, with you guys!!

We will be running through our top influencers and accounts that just build crazy stuff that we love following.

Below our just some of the accounts you have to 100% follow if you are car nuts!!


Lenny is a right character and gets to be around some mental bits of machinery in his day job at Urban Automotive in Milton Keynes. The videos and story’s on insta are just hilarious to watch.

We have been following him from the start from Lenny The Geezer to now and enjoy his content massively as we don’t know what he’s going to get his hands on next or what comedy moment he’s posting next!!

100% must follow....


Now this man knows everything motor. The owner of Smarden Classic Servicing where he specialises in old Ford RS and especially Cosworth cars.

He has just picked up a rare colour combination Ford Escort Cosworth, which has not been on the road in 10 years, which he will be restoring back to its original state, with a bit of Big Lee’s amazing touches to make it that bit extra special .

He dabbles in loads of different stuff from Lancia Intergrales to Robin Reliants on the daily and if you are after anything retro, this is the man to find it or restore it.

If you are looking for retro bargains and the progress of the extremely rare Cossie this is the man to follow....


RS Jamie is becoming a insta legend. Her personal collection of cars are epic and she is a massive Ford nut but also has a Pink Porsche which is a massive stand out in a crowd.

She has just auctioned off a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth R304, where the lucky winner won it for £100, gutted we was not the winner.

Jamie also has YouTube Channel well worth subscribing to, as she gets some massive access to Ford HQ and gets to drive some epic stuff, even a RS200. Jamies YouTube link is here:


We are pretty sure you have seen this man before. He is the very chatty & very loud face of Donut Media. Most people will follow him through the YouTube channel but his personal account on insta is a proper giggle.

You will get to see what they are up to on Donut Media, also the cars they get there hands on. Also the crazy stuff he gets up to on the daily.

Always up to no good and updates his story constantly, he has a cool career we really enjoy following through his insta account.


Queen B probably best known for the work she done with Drive Tribe, is one of the biggest car nuts to follow on insta and if you haven’t already on YouTube.

Not only is she one of the Motor Addicts teams biggest crush, she drifts, modifies and travels everywhere to drive some of the coolest cars around. You can tell where she gets her love for cars from, here dad.

Queen B’s youtube channel is here:


Calvin is a businessman, you tuber, car nut, videographer and so much more. What he does is so interesting from his businesses to the cars he gets his hands on to daily.

His new venture is where he gets some awesome cars and auctions them off by selling tickets, like he did with RS Jamie’s Sierra Cosworth R304, which someone won for £100. Absolutely Mental!!

His content is really good, again another 100% must follow.


Pepper is an auto photographer and the winner of the Netflix program Fastest Car. Never heard of him before he went onto this awesome car mad Netflix program, but since following his Instagram the cars he comes in contact with, the journeys he goes on and his photography is on another level.

If you love a SuperCar or just some epic photos of some of the best cars around, just go and press follow on insta.


The main reason for Joe hitting this list is, well just look how cool this big yellow thing is.

Every time we see this land in our feed, we can’t help but dribble. It has to be seen to appreciate this motor of Joe’s.

Just go to his page, I’m sure you will fall in love with this VDub....


Larry is known for his incredible photography and his cameos on Hoonigan’s YouTube channel.

We follow through jealousy of what cars he gets to hang around with on a day to day basis. Also the fact he gets to hang around Ken Block.

Hoonigan’s YouTube channel is linked below:


Now we are probably telling people to suck eggs here, but the Porsche Legend Magnus Walker who already has over 600k followers is just to good not to mention in our list.

The character from Need For Speed the computer game in 2015, is constantly posting and travelling the world with his Porsches. He is a British fashion designer as well as a Porsche collector with some of the rarest you will ever see.

He‘s so down to earth he still attends meets, shows and events in the UK. This man is the pinochle of the car scene!!


Don‘t forget us @motoraddictsmedia where we post with everything we are up to on a daily basis, along with news, YouTube videos and much more!!!!

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