MA Colouring Competition


So who can enter to competition:

Anyone can enter the competition, but if its a child under the age of 12 the winning artwork will get 2 T-Shirts. One for the child and one for the parent or guardian.

The Prize:

As mentioned above the winner will get a T-Shirt, with the winner's artwork on the front of the shirt or you can choose from the selection we will send over to you when winner announced. If the winner is under the age of 12 then the parent or guardian will receive a T to.

Start & End of the competition:

- It opens from 8pm 03/04/2020

- Then ends at 8pm 08/04/2020

- The winner will be chosen on the 09/04/2020 and will be judged by Owen, Nick & Stu.

How to enter the competition:

- On the social media posts on Facebook & Instagram, please use #motoraddictart and put

the artwork attached with the age and of the person that done the colouring.

- It is free to enter but only 1 entry per person.

How to download the artwork:

- You can download from here

- Or just download from Social Media, but the best quality will be by link provided.

Anything Else:

We wish you all the best of luck, we are excited to see the artwork coming back to us. With these tough times at the moment we hope this keeps you entertained for 5 mins, also keep the kids of your backs for 30 mins.

We would really appreciate you sharing our post so we can get this about for all people that would be interested in having a bit of fun.

If you have anymore questions about the competition or Motor Addicts itself please feel free to DM us on social media or via email at

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