Ford Sierra Cozzy

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

So after doing the five car shoot for the OhSoRetro Mag 2017. We had to get this Sierra Cosworth back for a one on one. This RS is a very rare press release car that was brought out by ford for magazines and news papers to shoot to get spread round the globe.

The car itself is stunning and a engine bay that you can eat your dinner off. It’s been totally re-done on the underside and you will see from the photos exactly what I mean. When it turned up for the OhSoRetro shoot me and Marc did look at each other and thinking wow no wonder he didn’t want to bring it out in the rain. I’ve always wanted one and to see a example like this made me think even more, this is needed to fill the void in my life, but the bank balance just didn’t cover it.

The one thing that people look at compared to most the other Sierra’s out there is the single stud split rim wheels and wether they are real and not just a cap. Let me tell you it is real and the wrench to get it off is huge. Along with a wheel change he has fit a RS 500 replica front bumper with splitter and fog lights to give it that even more aggressive look.

The other bits done through the car is full re-trim to the Recaro’s and rear seats along with the gator for the gear shift. I know it’s silly but even the plastic looked like it was new and massaged by great gods all it’s life, but it’s detail like that makes this car so special.

The engine bay is just stunning! He’s also not left anything out here either, with loads of chrome red hoses and one hell of a Garrett turbo strapped to this bad boy. There is just those little touches extra in this engine bay that just make this Sierra stand out above a lot of the others out there.

This beast of a thing is something to be starred at and even the golfers at the club we done the shoot at were crowding round this wail-tailed Ford. It’s a true show stopper. Since the shoot the car has now been sold and the new owner must be over the moon with the purchase and I am sure that this would have sold 10 times over. So hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did taking them. Truly, truly the best Sierra Cosworth I have seen.

Stu Hoy - Motor Addicts

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